Pexels..My Window To The World

Talking about life in Syria using photos is not that easy. Many challenges face the photographer here such as showing the world the life nature here amid the dangers that photographers face, in addition to the accuracy in trasforming this image to the world.
I decided to show the reality through my photos, how we live,

and how we spend time working, drinking coffee, the camps, the bombing, the white helmets, and many other things in one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

My trip with pexels started, one of the most important free source of pictures, and that accepts hundred thousands of pictures, and allows their utility for free, and gives recommendations to special photos.
I noticed the
passion of photographers, and their will to show the details occuring in their countries through photos. I think it is one of the greatest website concerned with photographers, it gives them advices, and supports them with
financial and moral gifts.
It also allows direct contact with the managing team of the site.
What increased my happiness is that many site used my photos

while building a story about me. It was a nice.
?I was surprised when I was asked: “Are these photos in Idlib”
?Who told the people that the war will have victory on beauty

Although the war destroyed a part of my country, Syria still owns a lot of beauty.

After a year and a bit more, my photos had 10 million views.

I think this is the most important achievement in my life.

Pexels in my window to the world, abd the boat that carries my photos to it.

Thank You Pexels

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